Cabin Crew

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Cabin Crew

Keeping  demand of highly trained cabin crew professionals in mind, Aptech provides you complete, in-depth training in all aspects of flying & cabin crew responsibilities. 

Aptech’s professional course prepares you for the most glamorous profession in the aviation industry. Become a trained cabin crew professional with domestic & international airlines. The number of air passengers in India is expected to be 450 million by 2020*. All these air passengers  would require the assistance of trained cabin crew professionals for right guidance and a safe journey.  

Aptech’s professional courses offers the right choice for such professionals.

Course Covers

  • Language enhancement – Mechanics of grammar
  • Language enhancement – Phonetics and ESL
  • Persona management
  • Inflight service
  • Inflight safety & security
  • Soft skills
  • Presentation & communication skill


How To Join/Eligibility

To join this career-building course, you need class 12 in any subject. In addition you should meet the following criteria:


  • Age – 18-24 years old
  • Height – 5 feet & above (Female)/ 5.5 feet & above (Male)
  • Weight in proportion to height
  • Good eyesight
  • Proficiency in English

    Course Highlight

    • Understand the principles of aviation, passenger handling & airport management
    • Improve your presentation & communication skills, and learn various makeup techniques & hairstyles
    • Be job ready with mock interview sessions
    • Quickly complete the course using fast-track option
    • Get 100% job placement assistance
    • Gain job-skills for careers in Indian & International airlines

    What our Students say

    I am very glad to be a part of Aptech Aviation Academy. Faculty expertise & infrastructural facilities are a huge advantage. Aptech has played a very big role in shaping my personality & created a good career for me.

    Priyanka P. Paulose

    Air India SATS

    I am really grateful to the Academy & to my trainers who prepared me to stand out in such a competitive world. The Academy has given me a new-found confidence & optimistic attitude for this new chapter in my life.

    Mohammad Arif Nagarboudi

    Jet Airways

    The Academy provides excellent faculty & best infrastructure. Their advice & experience has been tremendously helpful throughout these years that I have been here. Thank you all for the assistance given to me to achieve my goals.

    Sai Krishnan G


    The classes gave me theoretical & practical knowledge. The mock-sessions helped me perform well in the interview. The Academy has provided me with a lot of experience & helped me in turning over a new leaf.

    Ashish Kumar Gupta